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Areas of Practice

Guy Vining established his first office in January 1978. He has been associated with several Detroit law firms including the law practice of George A. Jones & Associates, P.C., and Berkley, Mengel & Vining, P.C., where he was a partner for 13 years. He is acquainted with law firms in all major areas of the state. Mr. Vining is highly experienced in the following areas of litigation and practice:

A significant part of Mr. Vining’s practice is devoted to cases in which people are injured. Injuries generally occur as a result of automobile accidents, slip and falls on negligently maintained property (ice snow, defects, etc.), or due to dental or medical malpractice. Several one-million-dollar plus verdicts have been obtained for former clients.

Approximately one-quarter of Mr. Vining’s practice deals with wrongful discharge from employment, sexual harassment, Michigan Employment Security Commission appeals, and discrimination predicated upon age, gender, race, and national origin. Many of Mr. Vining’s clients in employment related matters have received significant jury verdicts and/or settlements in the mid-six figure range. Conversely, this representation also includes the defense of employers against whom such claims have been asserted; and, the drafting of employment policies and procedures to minimize the risk of such claims.

Mr. Vining has substantial experience in business litigation involving breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, interference with contract, injunctive relief, declaratory relief and accounting, covenants not to compete, bankruptcy adversary proceedings and business reorganization matters. Certain of these cases have required criminal defense and subsequent suits for money damages for defamation and malicious prosecution.
Mr. Vining has a thorough knowledge of corporation law and has been involved in drafting corporation documents and litigation for collections, dissolutions and other matters. Mr. Vining has also served as a specially elected U.S. Trustee in a complex business bankruptcy matter.

Unless a person has a Will, the laws of the State of Michigan will determine how that person’s property will be distributed on his death irrespective of what that person might otherwise wish. Mr. Vining has drafted hundreds of Wills which allow his clients to dispose of their property as they please. Additionally, Mr. Vining has, for certain clients, drafted other related document such as Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Designation of Patient Advocate and Living Trust documents. The firm also provides legal counsel to and service for the Personal Representative (formerly called “Executor”) for the probating of client’s estates.

The laws of the State of Michigan require that motor vehicles operated in a place open to the public must be insured.  The “basic” automobile insurance policy required, however, will not adequately protect you and your loved ones.  The reason is that it does not include features necessary to compensate if you receive a debilitating or crippling injury!  Contact Vining Law Group to assist you in determining if your coverage for current or future losses are adequate.