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Top Ten Bankruptcy Mistakes: Continuing to use your Credit Card


Continuing to use Credit Cards

The Bankruptcy Code is designed to give the honest debtor a second chance and to treat all creditors in a fair and uniform manner. One problem which arises is the situation where the debtor continues to use credit a short time before filing a bankruptcy. Under such circumstances it can be argued that this is abusive to a particular creditor.

Therefore, certain consumer debts and cash advances incurred at 90 and 70 days, respectively, before filing maybe deemed to non-dischargeable. The ultimate goal of bankruptcy is discharge of debts and so non-dischargability is to be avoided. In addition, to the non-dischargeable aspect of these items it can also create a great deal of additional legal expenses to you. That is because a creditor’s claim for non-dischargability will likely require a response from your legal counsel and additional charges will apply.

A Debtor does have a defense that if the goods and services acquired were “reasonably necessary for the support and maintenance of the debtor or a dependent of the debtor” that they are still dischargeable. However, all of this takes time and money to argue.

As a rule therefore, put those credit cards away at least 90 days before filing your case. Otherwise, you may be in for an objection to your discharge and a finding by a judge of non-dischargeability. Even if the survive these allegations you will be incurring a great deal of needless expense.

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