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Negligence Cases in the News: Hospital Malpractice Cases

Negligence Cases in the News:

Hospital Malpractice Cases

The Buffalo News reported recently a distressing story. It has been alleged by several citizens that a local hospital caused them to become infected with hepatitis. Specifically, in a suit filed each alleges that the source of the disease was the hospital staff inappropriately reusing surgical needles that had been used on other patients, a definite cause of hospital malpractice.

Generally speaking, it is well known that hospitals, because of ill patients, can be a dirty environment from which a patient can contract a generalized infection. Its a risk, in other words, that can not be eliminated. For this reason, the usual medical negligence or hospital malpractice case will be dismissed, so long as, the hospital is able to establish that it implements industry approved sanitation and sterilization processes.

On the other hand, where a discrete source of infections can be established based upon a violation of industry standards, and then an injured patient may have a cause of action. Certainly if it was proven or admitted that needles were reused without sterilization, that could be a discrete cause of an infection. Another common scenario for either hospital negligence, or even hospital malpractice, is the failure to remove all instruments, bandages, or gauze after a surgery. These foreign objects are many times the source of post surgical failure to heal, pain, and infection.

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