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Employment Cases in the News: Whistleblower Cases

Employment Cases in the News

Whistleblower Cases

The Chicago Tribute recently reported that Omnicare, Inc. had agreed to settle a whistleblower case. The case alleged that illegal payments were made to secure a long term contract with a pharmacy.

Guy Vining of the Vining Law Group, PLC, has been involved in numerous whistleblower cases. In Michigan the Whistleblower’s Protection Act, MCL 15.362 makes it illegal to discharge, threaten or otherwise discriminate against an employee because the employee reports or is about to report a violation or suspected violation of law to a public body. The statute provides that under appropriate circumstances the employee may be awarded damages including lost wages and benefits and attorney fees. The statute also empowers the judge to order reinstatement and restoration of seniority.

Guy Vining of the Vining Law Group has been privileged to have been involved for both employees and employers in such cases. He notes that it is critically important in prosecuting such cases to move very, very quickly. The case must be filed within a mere 90 days or it is barred, according to MCL 15.363. While Guy Vining believes this to be a  unreasonably brief period, it has been upheld by the Michigan Court of Appeals in Cavell v. Spengler, 114 Mich App 76 (1985). Therefore, if you suspect that you are being discriminated because of whistleblowing, contact a knowledgeable employment law attorney, immediately.

At the Vining Law Group, initial telephone conferences with whistleblowers are free of any charge. Call Guy Vining and he will be happy to help you analyze whether you have a viable case.

Guy Vining has practiced law throughout the state of Michigan. His office is located in the city of Taylor, Michigan, where he primarily serves the Metro-Detroit area. He has represented employers and employees in employment litigation in the trial court and the appellate courts in the following areas: whistleblower, breach of contract, public policy, discrimination, wage and hour violation, covenants not to compete, Americans with disabilities action and retaliation

Part 2. What to consider in hiring your bankruptcy lawyer

Guy Vining, a bankruptcy attorney, in downriver Detroit, maintains his office in Taylor, Michigan where he serves the local communities of Monroe, South Rockwood, Newport, Carleton, Rockwood, Gibraltar, Brownstown Township, Woodhaven, Trenton, Southgate, Riverview, Wyandotte, Allen Park, Lincoln Park, Romulus, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Huron Township, Wayne, Westland and Ecorse. If you or a family member or a friend would like a no obligation no cost consultation / financial anaylsis, just call Guy Vining of Vining Law Group, PLC and we will pleased to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

In this part 2 of essentials of hiring your bankruptcy attorney or lawyer Guy Vining will further explain why it is important to select your legal counsel with care for bankruptcy and other matters. While there are literally hundreds of bill boards, yellow page and newspaper adds screaming stop foreclosure, stop garnishment, lowest prices, etc., etc. how do you really choose? How do you know? Is the lowest price really the best deal…and, what is fair value? As we saw in part 1 you must choose your bankruptcy attorney or lawyer with at least the care of purchasing a good suit or pair of shoes! It may take some shopping and an understanding that in the end we only ” get what we pay for ” whether for quality clothing or for legal services. However, since obtaining a discharge, debt relief and a fresh start are so essential to the commencement of the rest of your life Guy Vining respectfully suggests the following:

4.    Your bankruptcy attorney should use at least two fee agreements. At the Vining Law Group, PLC your first visit for an initial consultation is completely without charge. The first fee agreement from your bankruptcy attorney at the Vining Law Group, PLC will verify this. Specifically, the bankruptcy lawyer will sign a statement for your record and his that the first meeting does not create an attorney client relationship and is without any charge to you. This is your oppurtunity to get quality and free advice and to see whether your feel comfortable with the bankruptcy attorney. Afterall, an attorney client relationship is an important relationship which could span a bankruptcy alone or even many, many years. Guy Vining has dozens of clients that have done business with him for many years and have been so satisfied that they have referred many family members and friends for legal assistance.

5.    At the initial meeting all fees, costs and proceedures will be carefully explained to you. If you decide then or later to hire Vining Law Group, PLC as your bankruptcy attorney then a second and more detailed fee agreement will be prepared in writing which will guarentee to you and your family what the standard charges for services are. This document will outline what charges are for filing fee, required credit counseling courses, credit checks, and all standard services from filing to discharge. It is important to Vining Law Group, PLC that not only do you have a clear understanding of these obligations but also that there are no unpleasant financial surprises for you. Afterall, you have already had enough of financial problems!! Is some bankruptcy cases additional non-standard problems arise which your bankruptcy lawyer can not always anticipate. However, during your initial and subsequent interviews your bankruptcy attorney will attempt to guide that process and examine whether there may be some rough spots. If so, they will be discussed and all of your questions answered. The second fee agreement will be prepared to indicated what additional charges for court cost and attorney fees for your bankruptcy lawyer will be if such problems do occur.

When calling a prospective bankruptcy attorney or lawyer do not be shy. It is your case and your financial future. Make sure that you find out what their policies are in relation to attorney fees and other costs. Do they provide two written fee agreements for your protection as a consumer? Do they provide an initial consultation without a charge? In addition, make sure that during your initial conference that you discuss whether there are unusual features of your case which may require additional work for the bankruptcy attorney. If there may be additional work for the bankruptcy lawyer then get a clear understanding in wiriting of what the related charges will be. If you have any questions at all please free to contact bankruptcy attorney, Guy Vining