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Accident/Negligence Law: Boating and Watercraft Injuries

Accident/Negligence Law
Boating and Watercraft Injuries

The San Jose Mercury News reported the death of a 16 year old girl in Hawaii which prompted a civil suit. The suit charged that a watercraft/jet ski crash was due to the negligence of another watercraft operator.

Guy Vining of the Vining Law Group has represented several injured individuals in the past in cases arising out of negligent operation of boats. It’s great to live in the Great Lakes area and enjoy water sport opportunities, however, individuals engaging in recreational activities are still held to a standard of care as to avoid actions which are foreseeably dangerous. In other words, an operator of a watercraft, just as the operator of an automobile, must operate in accordance with a duty to do so in a careful manner.
Due to the speeds often involved, as well as, wave and wind action, significant forces are often involved with boat and other watercraft accidents. Couple that with the absence of seat belts and other safety equipment and it is easy to see how negligent operations of boats and other watercraft equals a recipe for disaster. Mix in a bottle of cold beer or another alcoholic drink on a hot day and — a day which started with the broadest of smiles can end with a trip to the Emergency Room or worse.
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