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Personal Injury Cases in the News

Personal Injury Cases in the News


     The Morning Sun newspaper recently reported that the estate of a Michigan man killed in a fatal crash has filed suit against the negligent driver and two bars at which the driver was earlier a patron. The suit alleges that the driver’s blood alcohol content exceeded the lawful limit by almost three times, being at .20, and the primary cause of his personal injury.

     In Michigan, a statute allows an injured person, or the estate of their decedent, killed by an intoxicated person to bring suit against the intoxicated person and the business that furnished the alcoholic drink.  See: MCL 436.1801. There are many features to the statute which can be troublesome. First, there is a mandatory notice requirement and a shortened statute of limitations. Also, the injured person has a huge burden of proof in establishing that alcohol was sold when it should have been apparent that the person was already visibly intoxicated.  Competent legal assistance is needed to meet these challenges.

     If you, or a loved one, has been injured by an intoxicated driver, or the many other contexts that entail a personal injury, you may have a claim against the establishment that sold him or her alcoholic drinks. Guy Vining will be pleased to have a consultation with you at no charge to discuss your circumstances. Please feel free to call.

Guy Vining practices personal injury law from his Metro-Detroit office in Taylor, Michigan. He has represented clients in personal injury actions for over 25 years in such areas as: car, boat, motorcycle, and truck accidents; slip, trip, and falls including black ice and defective design; medical and dental malpractice, denial of insurance benefits for wages, medical and home assistance to automobile accident victims.