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Employment Law in the News

Employment Law in the News

From time to time Guy Vining of Vining Law Group, PLC, (VLG) has both prosecuted and defended employment law claims for individual clients and various corporate clients. Employment law cases generally are very difficult because they are factually intensive requiring the review of many documents and the interviewing or deposing of multiple witnesses. Unlike a traffic accident case where the question might simply be: red light or green light?; the employment case may span many years and many incidents or events.

A great deal of care should be employed in determining who to hire to represent you in your employment law case. These cases require meticulous preparation and tenacity in advancing or defending the case. Past trial experience, good abilities at legal research, writing and trial practices are a must. Moreover, your attorney needs to have life experience and understand how witnesses and jurors see things.

Guy Vining offers a free telephone consultation with respect to employment law cases. In the event that he can help you with a particular matter he will set up an appointment to discuss the matter in greater detail. Since Mr. Vining has been helping people with these kinds of matters since 1982 he will be able to appropriately analyze your case. Please call for free to discuss yours at 734.281.2050. He has experience in prosecuting and defending sexual harassment cases; whistleblower cases; terminations in violation of public policy cases; and, general discrimination matters, including retaliation cases.

Guy Vining has practiced law throughout the state of Michigan. His office is located in the city of Taylor, Michigan, where he primarily serves the Metro-Detroit area. He has represented employers and employees in employment litigation in the trial court and the appellate courts in the following areas: whistleblower, breach of contract, public policy, discrimination, wage and hour violation, covenants not to compete, Americans with disabilities action and retaliation