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Discrimination Cases in the News:

Discrimination Cases in the News:


     The Boston Herald on February 7, 2013 reported that a sex/gender discrimination case had been settled between a high level physician and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In the suit the female physician accused the medical center of gender discrimination and retaliation while she served as the chief of the anesthesia and critical care departments.


     In Michigan, discrimination in employment based upon gender, is expressly prohibited by the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act, MCL 37.2102. Since our employment is so important to our financial, physical and emotional well being you should be vigilant to protect yours. If you are experiencing difficulties at work it wise to seek legal advice before termination. If you or a loved one are experiencing employment problems, please feel free to contact Guy Vining.


     Guy Vining of the Vining Law Group has been privileged to have represented employees in such cases, as well as, employers. He has represented employers and employees in the trial and appellate courts in these areas. If you or a loved one feel as though you were discharged as a violation of public policy, feel free to call Guy Vining to day for a no-charge consultation.


Guy Vining has practiced law throughout the state of Michigan. His office is located in the downriver city of Taylor where he primarily serves the Metro-Detroit area. He has represented employers and employees in employment litigation in the trial court and the appellate courts in the following areas: whistleblower, breach of contract, public policy, discrimination, wage and hour violation, covenants not to compete, Americans with Disabilities action and retaliation